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Witnessed on a Freeway in California

A glimpse of faces passes

Mindless sunglass glances Mosaics of machinery chances Moving seeming secure advances Atop asphalt surfaces imperiled

Between barren hills whose golden brightness Is broken by oaken blotches of bitterness Under strident currents of reckless drivenness, Lurk faults of unforgiven-ness, On bumpers, beneath smiles of strangers embroiled.

Sorrows unseen in merciless Stares: Each from disparate starting point relentless Barrels to its goal in senseless Abandon, reeling unaware, restless Hearts racing for connection en-shadowed— Under a rosary's hope dangling

from a rearview mirror: Between what lay ahead and what is passing Away, that shining still point of the world's revolving Anew by but the resolved murmuring Of lips, by heaven's taste, hallowed.

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