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The Weight of Heaven's Whisper

On Earth as it is in Heaven... Heaven tolerates no social agendas but hears the blood of Abel again crying out from the earth. It sees more than the loss of a pious voice who might make intercession for the world. The celestial choirs perceive rivers of rancor and strife that one act of vengeful anger unleashes, and their mighty canticle becomes a whisper—but the weight of this whisper raises earth to the mercy of God. Hell's rancor raises its accusing voice. It's judgment is against man and the work of his hands- it hates man's culture, society and freedom, and like a prowling lion, it waits to seize its prey. Its scorching remedy would devour cities, nations and earth in a firestorm of calculated oppression disguised as spontaneous anarchy. Such judgment gives birth to cacophonies of mindless voices all demanding that Cain should have no quarter in the world. With righteous indignation, demons cry that he should be hunted down so that Cain never learns to grieve the brother envy incited him to kill. And so the drama plays out again and again. Every culture, every society, every age—even our own—knows the heavy oppression that reigns whenever envy, wrath and righteous indignation are permitted to make an absolute claim over the human heart. For all our technology, we have not progressed much beyond the primal ways of that original brotherhood—and brothers keep killing brothers. Subservient to accusation and condemnation, we lose our standing and find ourselves roaming from one social agenda to the next. Why anyone should believe that his lack of concern for his brother should lead anywhere else is mystifying, yet again we believe the satanic proposal that this time will be different, by this one act of evil (social and political, always personal!) we will no longer be reminded of our inadequacies, and we will be like gods. The gravity of love, however, pulls in another direction. Heaven's silences do not condone but convict the grumbling of our hearts. The weight of its whisper comes down with the force a new day. Something immensely more than fear and anger, envy and righteous indignation is offered. The Living God is not indifferent to the plight of His sons and daughters, and He aches to relieve the misery that threatens their freedom and dignity. Turn to Him and in place of murder, an answered prayer. In place of judgment, the Heaven's tell the mercy of God.

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