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The Freedom of the Annunciation

The heart has a sacred depth set aside for God which will not suffer the coercion and manipulation of any worldly power for long. Into this silent depth, the Word of God speaks and liberty is conceived. That Word shines with divine splendor, the fire which Moses beheld. The saving truth the Word reveals opens to the pure freedom Elijah heard whispered in the breeze. In Mary, this humble Word has wedded our weakness and our humanity is pregnant with a power not of this world. When this Word of Truth comes to the heart, He gifts it with a sacred sovereignty, the ability to choose the most wonderful possibilities, unsurpassed blessings the whole world yearns to know. Here bursting with jubilation, we have at last a moment where real self-determination triumphs. Here overshadowed in unfathomable love, even if beset by all kinds of weakness and inadequacy, we find the courage we rise up and unreservedly offer ourselves. Such is our moment to thrive, to live to the full, to finally "be" who we really are, who we are meant to be - in assenting to this moment we stand in faith ablaze with the dignity of the children of God, we freely bow in adoration before the saving truth astonishing disclosed in the wonder of the Word, we joyfully cry "I have come to do your will." When Gabriel disclosed the Lord's message to the Virgin of Nazareth, she was afforded this freedom in an amazing manner, for an astounding purpose. To the one who is "Full of Grace," God's message was not merely informative; it was pure transformative love, a moment of true human liberty. In that instant, all the fear and lack of trust that has haunted humanity and oppressed it was lifted. The promised victory of Good over Evil was at hand. The Daughter of Zion's decision to act, to trust, to love, to hope in God's promises opened the whole world to new life and restored all that is sacred about our humanity.. What her decision conceives lives deep in the heart of all those who yearn for the Truth. It is about the sovereign dignity of the son’s and daughters of God. It is about our bold access to His saving power which by this sacred liberty we must share. Because of this Woman's courage, the Light that shines forth in the darkness reveals the silent power of God's faithfulness against the cacophony of idols continually imposed on us by heartless systems of ideology and coldly calculated narratives of the entertainment industry. What dehumanizing myth or wicked power is not laid bare before the One who humbly suffered unto death for our sake? Because of his Mother’s trust, against every attempt of political, cultural and economic tyrants to coerce the consciences of men, the Word made flesh resounds in every generation as the inexhaustible source of a love no power on earth can long suppress.

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