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St. Elisabeth of the Trinity: that praise of glory

What glory this fiery creature bears

In the bottom of that bottomless Abyss

A radiance, not her own, but in her radiant being!

She knows well that secret cellar

Where unseen the Furnace of Love humbly

envelops and begins boldly her own loving flame:

Nature's unaided eye cannot see - nescivi! -

As she passes into such ineffable Solitude,

Communion, Silence, Consuming, Consumed

of deep buried Three-ness and overflowing One-ness

Whose splendors evoke such praise!

Those celestial canticles, unheard hymns

resonate on such delicately touched lyre strings

with the Spirit incarnating, Father over-shadowing, enfleshed Light

whose love rebuilds, saves, sanctifies

What we destroyed.

But beckons she her friends with what wisdom

Wading into those depths

with fearless abandon

To sail, to plunge, to remain, to surrender

With her, that prey,

that communion of hearts,

That praise of glory!

(Thank you Kris McGregor and Discerning Hearts for providing a platform for St. Elisabeth of the Trinity's spiritual mission... And thank you for this beautiful video!)

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