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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, Soul of my soul, I love You and adore You! Teacher of all truth who searches the deep things of God: In the face of my hostility to the truth, You have the power to sting the conscience With your healing power, Open up today, again, the floodgates of holy tears, Let compunction flow in this barren heart, In this love parched world, In the hearts of all who long for freedom from sin. Lord and Giver of Life, Time is short, the hour is late, and judgment certain: I beg for the gift of repentance That I and all those threatened By the power of death, Might never again forsake the pathway of life. Help me scrutinize my whole way of life In the light of the Gospel. Help me die to myself that I might live No longer my own life, But the Life of Christ in me. Sanctifying Gift of God, You are constantly coming Into the innermost depths of my being: In ever new and more wondrous ways, Inebriate me again in Your Love! Breath of God who sweeps over Creation, Your presence transforms the heart into paradise And you constantly fill our inner poverty With such inexhaustible riches. Even more, You never cease To allure us out of self-occupation And into that sacred silence Where the Word, who makes all things new, resounds: As You enter ever deeper into my misery, Lead me deeper and deeper into the heart of Divine Mercy. Fire of Love, Ignite holy affections in the deep places of my heart that I might never be indifferent to the plight of my neighbor Or fail to seek forgiveness from those I have wronged, Or delay in offering forgiveness for those debts I can relieve. Left to myself, I do not have the power To forgive or forget an offense, And in the effort to love as I have been loved, I feel my weakness and inadequacy all the time. But you constantly teach me compassion and intercession: Help me submit my brokenness and sorrow to you. You who covered the Son with transfiguring brightness, Illumine our darkness with the radiance of Christ, In the midst of crisis, help us overcome anxiety and insobriety, In the midst of disaster, free us from all despondency and sinful anger, That all those who suffer and are burdened might keep their eyes fixed On the One who has triumphed over sin and death, Who alone can lead us to the victory of good over evil. You who overshadowed the Virgin Mary: Pierce me with the love of the Father revealed by Christ Crucified, Lift up my heart with the praise of the Only Begotten Son In whom the Father is well-pleased, Enflame me with the prayers of the Risen Lord in bold confidence For the salvation of the world! Most High and Glorious God, I promise to be obedient, teachable, surrendered, and abandoned In everything you permit to happen to me: Only let me know your holy and true will. Amen.

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