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Discerning God's Will

How do we know God's plan for our lives, The particular pathway that He has prepared for us to follow, The great purpose for which we are created, The noble vocation bought for us by the blood of Christ? The Lord implicated Himself in our Pilgrim plight, And has already gone before us to our heavenly homeland, If we search His heart, we will find every gift and virtue needed To ascend with Him to the Father's glory:

Hope raises our eyes to this Holy Mountain. Prayer unlocks this narrow gate hidden in our heart. Wisdom lays open its wondrous horizons. Devotion sets us across its threshold. Faith is our guide on this mysterious pathway. Understanding follows its unwavering course. Knowledge frees from every distraction. Counsel finds the cairns when the trail is difficult to discern. Fortitude fights its foes and endures its painful sorrows. Holy fear prevents us from looking back. Love moves each footstep forward.

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