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Deep Down Mercy

Off the edge of inadequacy, into that void,

I searched for Him

Who would vindicate and rebuild

What I destroyed.

Into the deep, that step

sliding down ravines of misery, abyss

swallowing, flooding torrents of chaos, self

Vanishing under waves of euphoric delusion and

Dreams dashed dead on reality's rocks -

Such shell shocked emptiness, entombed

All else in that ache for Him.

Deeper still I traversed crawling

those pathways unknown to unaided eye

To chance upon, to stumble into, to discover

that wall, that rampart, that impenetrable frontier

that no evil passes beyond -

O Boundary in which misery meets its limits!

O Circumscribing Periphery of Hope!

In that glance of goodness, making all things new

Such splendors as evoke awe,

radiant harmonies through all troubles shining,

In that Sun rising where spews alive -

Currents from deeper down bottomlessness

No one knew moved with such un-vanquished force.

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