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Be Not Afraid!

We are voting on the Feast Day of Saint Elisabeth of the Trinity—and this curious coincidence strikes me as an act of Divine Providence. During her lifetime, though she was a Carmelite Nun, and thus, some what removed from political affairs, she was deeply concerned for France and for her city of Dijon. Now, from heaven and on her feast day, she can only be praying for America on this important day of decision. She would want us to know that no matter the outcome, the all-loving presence of God is among us and at work in our midst. Even in the face of extreme injustice (and she and her community faced this too), the mercy of God prevails if we hope in Him. On this point, she deeply influenced another saint who has a message of hope. During his ministry, John Paul II invited us to find the courage to cross the threshold of hope. On this day of decision, we are invited again to cross this threshold. Although we now live in a society where the last embers of Christendom have died out and a boorish culture of dehumanizing aggression has gained its foothold, God is still very much at work in our midst. God has entrusted America with what John Paul II called "a noble destiny" and the pope connected this high calling to the affirmation of human dignity and freedom, especially the liberty to worship God. God, however, carefully works within our personal freedom to accomplish his plan. As people of faith, as we cast our votes, we give God room to work so long as we choose to live and even vote in His presence, as men and women who choose mercy, life and truth. So today we cast our vote with the help of heaven, and heaven has not abandoned us—but is indeed very concerned and very involved in the affairs of our world. Only, from Heaven, there is a clearer vision of Divine Providence, even as He works in hidden ways. Lets let this light of heaven shine on our decision and guide us in our choices. Saint Elisabeth of the Trinity and Saint John Paul the Great, pray for America and pray for us! For more on Saint Elisabeth, click here.

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