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Awakening of the Word

Deep in our hearts, the Father has sent his Word. He can enter into the abysses of our humanity and all its bodily existence because this Word became flesh in the womb of a woman. In those depths that the soul itself does not know it has, the Word rests, waiting for the right moment to awaken.

He may rest there even when a soul completely neglects and forgets His presence. He may rest there even when a soul is resentful toward Him and otherwise sinfully not hospitable. With the slightest motion, His gentle voice can pierce the cacophony of one's thoughts and still all disordered affection. With the faintest whisper, he can help a man come back to his senses, get up and go back to the Father's House. Yet, there is so much more He yearns to share but cannot until the soul is ready... so He patiently waits, in a resting earnestness, sleeping eager to awaken. When He awakens, St. John of the Cross speaks a stirring of breezes, a burst of pleasant scents, a shimmer of glory moving in everything that is, taking us up into its wake. He who is the source of all meaning opens our hearts to the beauty and goodness of the world around us. Everything is charged with the love of the Father, already breaking forth in praise, overflowing with a wonder that it cannot contain. Until the Word awakens in us, we do not hear, see, taste, smell or touch the true story that we are part of—but when He does, it is as if we hear, see, taste, smell and touch for the very first time. Our bodily existence with our earthly senses, fiery affections and exploding imagination is not diminished by the Word, but at long last finally realized (See Living Flame 4:4).

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