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Advent Visit to Colorado December 10 through 12

Something wonderful is happening in Colorado this Advent—and I am excited to be part of it. This wonderful new grace will be a life-changer for many, a new beginning for those who did not think such things were possible. Confident in this, I am setting out on a mission. That is, I feel sent by God to announce the good news of this new grace. Whenever we are sent on mission, every conversation becomes a new seed planted. In holy conversations and friendship, we make space for God to do something unexpected... and this kind of adventure is always for His glory, always more than we could hope ever hope for. In winter's dark cold, God is coming to bring the light and warmth of His love in a new way—and my visit to Colorado is a small but real part of this great work!

My part will be first to visit the Masses of the Shrine of Saint Anne this weekend in Arvada. Fr. Peter Mozdyniewicz has invited me to announce a pilgrimage to Italy that we will lead this August. It will be a joy to sign books after Mass for many of my old friends and former parishioners. I am bringing copies of Fire from Above, Living the Mystery of Merciful Love and 30 Days with Teresa of Avila.

Sunday night at 6:30pm, Fr. Jason Thuerauf and Shawn Schadler of Saints Peter and Paul Youth Group in Wheat Ridge have invited me to share about Fire from Above—to encourage the young people of the parish to make space in their lives for the silence that allows God to speak in their hearts. This will be an evening of great grace—but I need intercessors who will hold me and the young people up in prayer. The gift of prayer is the most important thing in life, and there are many to whom God wishes to give this grace, but He is waiting for us to intercede for them. With prayer, a word of truth can enter deep into the heart of another—and change everything!

Monday night at 6:30 at All Souls Parish in Englewood, Colorado, Fr. Samuel Morehead has invited me to give a talk on Saint Therese of Lisieux and the Mystery of Advent. It will be a powerful evening. Indeed, Saint Therese has a powerful message for our time. In an age where the powerful and boisterous command everyone's attention all the time, she comes forth to propose her "Little Way" and shows us how to make straight the pathways for the Merciful Love of God. For anyone who is concerned about becoming a saint in our post-Christian world, her wisdom opens up a pathway to holiness.

It will be great to see everyone and I hope you can come! Even more, I hope the grace of this Advent envelops you in a profound way before Christmas. The Lord is beginning something beautiful in our midst and we are privileged to be part of His new work.

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