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Adoration and the Birth of Praise

Praise is born of adoration. We are never alone when we choose to humble ourselves before the hidden presence of God. This prayer of faith is never meaningless, empty or disconnected. We do not understand or even feel the unfamiliar glory that gently envelops our soul as we lower our eyes and fold our hands. Hidden even from ourselves, sometimes in circumstances that seem so contrary, the more we humble ourselves before His ineffable mystery, the more He raises us on high.

He joins us with all our brothers and sisters who have boldly offered the same prayer confident in His love though they could have no confidence in themselves. In an instant, we find ourselves in their company even though we may not see them. Yet, we know this is true. When we adore Him, He eagerly establishes us in a communion so powerful, so far above the limits of this world, that not even death can break the bonds He has established between us. Bathed in silent wonder and awe, we may not yet know that we are among other heads bowed down too. By humble prayer we have been raised to where knees are bent and the tender murmuring of myriad tongues praise the One who conquered death and opened up access to God. To savor this foretaste of future glory is to be seized by the thought that for too long heaven's pregnant fullness has been waiting to break forth. It is to allow oneself to be rattled to the very core with the realization that now, the hour has come and the floodgates of mercy are opening anew. In such adoration, hope is born for an age that is dying for lack of tenderness. Only on one's knees do we ever learn that we are visited by unfathomable kindness. Only when our crowns are cast down, do we understand how a confusion crushed culture is being offered new life once again. Only surrendered and abandoned to the Lord in the brokenness of our lives do we find that the cold darkness that has gripped the human heart too long is already being dispelled. For the ear of the pure heart, in the wonderful stillness of such moments resounds the great canticle of a love unvanquished. Enveloped in such heart piercing beauty, the praise of His glorious grace is born.

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