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A Madonna House Staff Member Remembers Lucille


(claire is the French word for clear, light. bright)

God made a mountain in fire and might

High above the canyon, with great delight

He set there a green meadow, prepared a holy place

From the start of time, a new chapter of grace.

The Lord waited and pondered through ages long

For someone with a will so united and strong

To work and beg, build a solid house of prayer

Upon His mountain, to stand still with Him there.

When God brought Lucille into this world

He must have known that light would twirl

Around her soul, His fuel of light

Nourishing her life with music bright.

You Lord, guided her youth, a jealous lover

Within her heart, a balm would cover

Lucille’s eyes and mind were guided by truth

As she grew and matured, she needed no proof.

So God brought our ‘Lu’ north to Combermere

She fell in love with the Gospel and Little Mandate clear

For a time she absorbed and lived all that she could

Then Colorado called, to the Rockie’s high, fragrant woods.

Lucille crossed the country setting roots in dry mountains

She knew that the Lord was her clear, living fountain

He brought her to live and to die on this site

With God she wrestled for souls, a long, holy fight.

Our Lady of Tenderness, her daily companion

In Mary’s hands did she strive to always abandon

Year by year she opened her wounded heart to all

So each person who came could hear and answer His call.

Her tools, the Word and silence, prayer and listening

She insisted “Go to God! , His holy Spirit glistening

A spiritual mother at service for rich and poor souls

We’ll not forget your deep faith, and heaven’s high goal.

When finally God called your name one day Lucille Claire

You were with Him on the mountain, a eucharistic prayer

And there your body shall always rest and remain

Until the Resurrection comes, in Christ’s Holy Name.

We will then see the throng, the great living host

Of men and women and children, that you loved the most

priests and nuns, laborers and students tous extraordinaire

You welcomed them all to the clear mountain air.

Your prayer does not cease, a loving intercessor on high

We believe God will use you, in His work you will strive

The Church has great need of heaven and earth’s living witness

As the Mountain waits for another – to honor your greatness.

Lucille Claire, our true friend, Mother, helper and guide

We will miss you, we love you, in God’s mercy abide

Help strengthen our faith and our hands for the Kingdom

Of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Trinity, one God, come!


Scott Eagan

February 1, 2014

Be hidden – be a light to your neighbor’s feet.

Go without fears into the depth of men’s hearts … I shall be your rest. from The Little Mandate


Catherine Doherty


Madonna House

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